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Safe to visit

At Hellsten hotels we care about or guests and team members. Their well-being and safety are our priority number one. To secure just that, we have rigorous procedures and routines in place at all our hotels regarding enhanced cleaning and physical distancing.
Our team members are being trained in enhanced cleaning routines, both within personal hygiene and new cleaning routines. We are also following COVID-19 guidelines provided by local health authorities. Measures to counteract the spread of infection in hotels general.


  • We inform staff and guests that anyone who knows they have COVID-19 or symptoms of the virus must stay at home and avoid social contact.
  • Information about preventing COVID-19 infection for staff, guests and other visitors are displayed in public areas.

Measures to reduce crowding and facilitate good hygiene

  • In public areas such as reception, lobby, breakfast room and bar we have marked distances on the floor, to help guests keep the distance.
  • Adjusted the furnishings to avoid crowding.
  • We offer our guests the opportunity to wash their hands with soap and water, and provide hand sanitizer.
  • We make sure that, when possible, staff keep their distance from each other and regularly wash their hands with soap and water, or if this is not possible that they can use hand sanitizer.
  • All the staff members which are in contact with guests and handle food and beverages wear face masks.
  • In the hotel reception area and other places where there is a risk that many people will gather at the same time, limit the number of customers/guests present simultaneously and indicate how far the customers should stand from each other, by marking distances on the floor.
  • The cleaning procedures in both public spaces and hotel rooms are extended. Particularly thorough with toilets and contact surfaces such as handles, knobs, switches, remote controls etc.


We look forward seeing you!

”Safe to visit” is an information campaign developed together with the organization Visita. Decals indicate that our hotels follow, in addition to our own strengthening routines and measures, the authorities and Visita’s guidelin